Hosies was built in the early 1950s in anticipation of the Melbourne   Olympics of 1956. The architects were Mussen, McKay and Potter. The  smaller front section seems to have detached from the tower, like a dis-assembled machine part. It predicts the Deconstructivism movement of two decades later. This didactic piece of Modernist design is at the corner Flinders & Elizabeth Streets.

“An extremely balanced building of refined geometrical collisions  composed of different textures and colours for a flamboyant and abstract visual effect”www.walkingmelbourne.com

Richard Beck‘s abstract mural is perfectly suited to the building, continuing the architectural theme in the two-dimensional plane.





The Barcelona Pavilion was designed by Mies van der Rohe for the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition. It was one of the key structures of the modern movement, equal in importance to Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye,       1931, and Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus, 1926.

At first appearance, it appears as a hyper-modern house, but it functioned      as a national pavilion representing the German nation in an international expo.

After the closure of the Exhibition, the Pavilion was disassembled in 1930.     In the 1980s architects Ignasi de Solà-Morales, Cristian Cirici and        Fernando Ramos supervised the reconstruction of the Pavilion as an        exact replica of the original. The new building was opened on the original  site in 1986.

As the Pavilion’s website states “four different kinds of marble – Roman travertine, green Alpine marble, ancient green marble from Greece and golden onyx from the Atlas Mountains – were used for the reconstruction,     all of the same characteristics and provenance as the ones originally employed by Mies in 1929.”

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bauhaus-dessau-and-sign                   Walter Gropius 1925/26.

The Bauhaus complex at Dessau, Germany, is now restored to its original condition in every detail. It houses a Bauhaus museum and temporary exhibitions gallery, a design university campus, a bookshop, restaurant, plus accommodation in the student dormitory wing. Tours are also available. As one of the sacred sites of modernism it does not disappoint.

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All photographs by Greg Neville.